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Consortium for Management of Experimental Data in Structural Biology
High Data-Rate Meeting
Satellite to AsCA 2018/Crystal 32 on 6-7 December 2018

High Data Rate MX Meetings

Herbert J. Bernstein, yayahjb at gmail dot com
Nicholas K. Sauter, nksauter at lbl dot gov
Robert M. Sweet, rsweet at bnl dot gov

There will be a High Data-Rate Macromolecular Crystallography meeting at a satellite meeting of AsCA 2018/CRYSTAL 32 a combined conference of the Asian Crystallographic Association (AsCA) and the Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand (SCANZ). See http://asca2018.org/ for details on AsCA 2018. The HDRMX meeting will be held 6-7 December 2018.

Seating is limited to 30 participants on-site. We are also making arrangements for remote participation via BlueJeans. If you wish to register, send email to yayahjb at gmail dot com, giving your name, affiliation, email address, whether you wish to attend in Auckland, NZ or via BlueJeans.

The topics we will discuss include

  1. EIGER and EIGER2 output formats: Steam and Filewriter
  2. Current best practices to achieve high data rates in Eiger data collection and processing;
  3. Eiger metadata proposed changes and additions;
  4. Eiger serial crystallography performance issues;
  5. Serial data collection initiatives at SSRL and LCLS-MFX;
  6. ATTRACT -- Next Generation Detection and Imaging
  7. Facilities reports

If you have topics you wish to have discussed and/or topics on which you wish to present, please include that information in your email.

The currently registered attendees are:

David Aragão ANSTO davida at ansto dot gov dot au local
Jun Ashima ANSTO juna at ansto dot gov dot au local
Herbert J. Bernstein Rochester Institute of Technology yayahjb at gmail dot com remote
Stefan Brandstetter Dectris, Ltd stefan.brandstetter at dectris dot com remote
Thomas Caradoc-Davies ANSTO thomasc at ansto dot gov dot au tbd
Abdreas Förster Dectris, Ltd. andreas.foerster at dectris dot com remote
David Hall Diamond Light Source David.Hall at Diamond dot ac dot uk local
Jean Jakoncic Brookhaven National Laboratory jjakoncic at bnl dot gov local
Andrew McCarthy EMBL Grenoble andrewmc at embl dot fr local
Andy Mösch Dectris, Ltd. andy.moesch at dectris dot com remote
William Shepard SOLEIL william.shepard at synchrotron-soleil dot fr local
Clyde Smith SSRL/Stanford University csmith at stanford dot edu local
Yusuke Yamada Photon Factory yusuke.yamada at kek dot jp local