Report of the

High Data-Rate Macromolecular Crystallography Meeting

ECM-32, Diamond Light Source, Chilton, UK 6-7 November 2019

Report Draft Date: 8 December 2019

See The focus of this meeting was on changes to the NeXuS/HDF5 format to create the new Gold Standard, FileWriter2 and Stream2 developments and the way forward with ever increasing data rates from faster and larger detectors.


Morning 6 Nov, Facility Presentations, Chair Graeme Winter:
Australian Light Source, Tom Caradoc-Davies, slides
Soleil Synchrotron, Martin Savko, slides
ESRF/EMBL-Gr, Gianluca Santoni, slides
Swiss Light Source, Ezequiel Panepucci, slides
SSRL, Art Lyubumov, slides

From EIGER to EIGER2, Andreas Förster, slides
NXmx + GoldStandard, Herbert J. Bernstein, slides

Afternoon 6 Nov, Chair Dave Hall:
EIGER2 XE, Katherine McAuley, slides, Andreas Förster, slides
Gold Standard Details, Herbert J. Bernstein, Graeme Winter, slides

Changes to NXmx, Herbert J. Bernstein
Timeline and expected capabilities of FW2/Stream2, Diego Gaemperle

Morning 7 Nov, Chair Ralf Flaig
Followup discussion on changes, Herbert J. Bernstein
Every pixel counts: experiences with PAD and HDF5 data within autoPROC, Clemens Vonrhein

Coping with increased data rates from Eiger and Jungfrau detectors, Ulrik Pedersen, slides, Graeme Winter, Filip Leonarski, slides

Afternoon 7 Nov, Chair Katherine McAuley:
Coping with increased data rates, Graeme Winter, slides
concluding discussion

The results of the discussion have two major components, the agreement on the Gold Standard and plans for further work on coping with increasing data rates. We plan to continue both discussions at an HDRMX meeting in association with the IUCr meeting in Prague in summer 2020 with the objectives of educating the community on the Gold Standard and making substantial progress on data rates.

To further the first objective we intend to submit a tutorial paper to IUCrJ by the end of January 2020. A current draft is available here. Members of the community who wish to participate in and/or lend their names to this effort are invited to contact H. J. Bernstein yayahjb at gmail dot com

Please respond on or before 2 January 2020.