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Consortium for Management of Experimental Data in Structural Biology

First imgCIF workshop (new series) at ACA 2006 Meeting:

WK.02 The Management of Synchrotron Image Data: The imgCIF File System and Beyond

at the 2006 Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association July 22 to July 27, 2006 in Honolulu, Hawaii

Herbert J. Bernstein, yaya@dowling.edu
Robert M. Sweet, sweet@bnl.gov
Sponsored by DOE under grant ER64212-1027708-0011962, NSF under grant DBI-0610407 and Area Detector Systems Corporation (ADSC)
and run thanks to the help and cooperation of the ACA, the ACA Continuing Education Committee and the ACA Data, Standards, and Computing Committee
Oahu Room, 8:30 am -- 5:00 pm, Saturday, 22 July 2006
Sheraton Waikiki, Honolulu, HI

The pace of data collection and the volume of data collected at synchrotron beam lines is increasing. The ACA Data, Standards, and Computing Committee is spearheading an effort to improve the efficiency of the handling and storage of these data by encouraging the adoption of common data formats and standard software interfaces. The goal of this is firstly to have the data be self defining, therefore equally accessible to data-reduction and -visualization codes. The second goal, for the purposes of secure archiving, is to provide a robust internal documentation of the source of the data. This workshop was the first in a new series of three imgCIF workshops more...

Second imgCIF workshop (new series) at BNL after NSLS/CFN meeting:

Synchrotron Image-Data Format Workshop

Herbert J. Bernstein, yaya@dowling.edu
Robert M. Sweet, sweet@bnl.gov
Sponsored by DOE under grant ER64212-1027708-0011962, NSF under grant DBI-0610407. NIH support pending.

There was a workshop on data formats for synchrotron image data after the NSLS/CFN meeting on 24 May 2007 at BNL in the Biology Dept Conference Room, Bldg 463, starting at 9 am. Topics discussed included proposed extensions to imgCIF, the use of NeXus, progress on software and the status of imgCIF at Diamond and at SLS.

  • Review of imgCIF and CBFlib
  • Proposed extensions to the imgCIF dictionary
  • Status of imgCIF adoption at SLS, Diamond, ...
  • Future directions
  • Discussion

This workshop was the second in a new series of three imgCIF workshops more...

Third imgCIF workshop (new series) at BSR 2007 in Manchester and at Diamond:

The Management of Synchrotron Image Data:
Changes to the imgCIF dictionary and software, interaction with NeXus

Sponsored by DOE under grant ER64212-1027708-0011962, NSF under grant DBI-0610407 and NIH under grant 1R13RR023192-01A1

There was a CBF/imgCIF workshop in two sessions at BSR 2007 in Manchester and at Diamond. The first session was in Manchester on Tuesday, 14 August. It provided an introduction to imgCIF and NeXus and a brief review of current progress. The second session was at Diamond on Friday, 17 August to discuss recent changes in the imgCIF dictionary and software and the interaction with NeXus.

There was a great deal of progress in the year before the meeting. There was a lot to report and a lot to discuss. Important topics included the handling of the then new SLS detector miniCBFs, use of CBF at DLS, a proposal for integration with NeXus and CBFlib performance issues.

This workshop was the third of a new series ofimgCIF workshops more...

Fourth imgCIF workshop(new series) at BNL: Workshop on Raw Image Formats
Over the prior 2 years, imgCIF had seen increasing use, and the interactions among raw image formats for x-ray crystallography, neutron crystallography and microscopy had started to be addressed. This one-day meeting was a follow-up to the earlier workshops, with reviews of the current status of imgCIF, exploration of ways to move between imgCIF and NeXus using XML and HDF and ways to work with microscopy and tomography images. The workshop was held at Brookhaven National Laboratory on 22 May 2008. more ...

Fifth imgCIF workshop (new series) in Osaka: Informal Technical Discussions and Review of imgCIF Status for attendees at the XXI Congress of the IUCr
in Osaka, Japan, on 26 August 2008. This is a report on the fifth and final workshop in the new series of imgCIF workshops that began with a workshop at the summer 2006 meeting of the American Crystallographic Association. This workshop consisted of informal technical discussions to follow up on some of the work done in the fourth imgCIF workshop at BNL in May 2008 and on one-on-one discussions at the ACA meeting in Knoxville, TN in June 2008. In addition to helpful discussions to bring people up to speed on recent developments, the major products of this meeting were agreements on a minimal set of required tags for a valid imgCIF file and a magic number scheme to clearly identify imgCIF files that do not provide this set of tags. more...

High Data-Rate MX Meeting at BNL Thursday 26 May -- Saturday 28 May 2016: This was the first of a series of three meetings to be run in Spring and Summer 2016 on changes needed to existing major software packages for support of very high data rate macromolecular crystallography. The first meeting was held at Brookhaven National Laboratory, 26 28 May 2016, and was organized by Herbert J. Bernstein of Rochester Institute of Technology, Nicholas K. Sauter of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Robert M. Sweet of Brookhaven National Laboratory.

The meeting had several sponsors: Funding from Dectris, Ltd of Baden Switzerland to Rochester Institute of Technology, from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under grant 3R01GM117126-01S1 to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, from the Department of Energy Offices of Biological and Environmental Research and of Basic Energy Sciences grants DE-AC02-98CH10886 and E-SC0012704, and from NIH grants P41RR012408, P41GM103473, and P41GM111244 to Brookhaven National Laboratory. The opinions expressed in this report are those of the meeting participants and not necessarily those of the funding sources. more...